Taddy Family

How do I even begin to describe this adorable family? The Taddy family is everything I love - silly, loving, and so full of life. When Ruth asked to book a session with me I was immediately excited. She is such an amazing person and we can basically talk for hours on end. I first met Ruth as my husband’s “work mom.” They worked together when we met and he just always said how much he loved working with her. Then I got to know her better and I could see why he loved her so much. 


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A few summers ago, we both attended a wedding of a mutual friend and sat next to each other. I am not joking when I say Ruth and I can talk for hours! At the time her and her husband were on the paleo diet, so we talked a lot about that. Ruth – are you still doing paleo? If so, that’s impressive… If not, you still look great girl! Anyways, I was so happy to sit by her because we just chatted the night away! Ruth is one of those women you wish were in your family, like an aunt or godmother or something. She's just that awesome.


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Ruth's son, Jack, and his girlfriend, Holly, joined us as well. These two are clearly in love and are two peas in a pod! Jack is a jokester and Holly is so animated and laughs a lot – which I obviously love because I do too : )


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I found it so annoying when people asked Joe and I when we were getting married – it’s such a weird question to ask someone when you think about it? Especially the girl… but anyways, I try to make a conscious effort to not ask couples that but then it just came out! I asked Jack when he was popping the question and he smiled ear to ear and Holly giggled. It was very cute. I just couldn't resist myself. Jack and Holly are hilarious - one of those couples that make you laugh so much your face hurts! So hopefully you will be seeing some engagement pictures of them soon ; ) Oops, there I go again... but just look at those dimples on Holly! ADORABLE.


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It was an honor to capture this family and just pause the clock for a second. Ruth and Tim are celebrating a very special anniversary – 35 years! That is so inspirational – especially to this newlywed! They are so in love and adorable with each other, I was loving every second of it. I love couples like this. Even after all these years, they still show love towards each other. That is exactly what I want – for our love to grow with us. To still kiss, hold hands, and goof around at every stage of our lives. Ruth and Tim, you two are truly an inspiration!


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They wanted to recreate a special picture from their wedding day at a park in Green Bay. We did our best and I love it. Thank you again for allowing me to photograph this time in your lives. This family was truly a dream to photograph! They are completely my style – care free, silly, and loving life.


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