My Approach to Family Photography

Hi friends! I want to take a minute to share with you my approach to family photography. Most of us are accustomed to the family pose (papa on top, wife to the side, kids on the bottom) and the 1 -2 -3 CHEESE! Don’t get me wrong, I get one of those during all of my sessions because they are important. They are important to send to Grandma, to paste in the photo album, and to just have in your photo collection. My sister and I have SO many great photos like this. My favorite would be the one in our matching dresses with a leafy, jungle background while we each held our favorite Lion King stuffed animal (Gel: Simba, Me: Nala) Classic. 

However, my approach to family photography is slightly different.  My goal is to capture your genuine connection and love with each other. I recently had the honor of taking photos of the beautiful Tamminga family below. They are full of life, easy going, and simply amazing people. Tricia and Ryan are both hilarious – so their kids are naturally hilarious too. This family truly displays my concept of lifestyle family photography. With three kids (four, including Ryan) Tricia has her hands full. But what I love about her is that she just relishes the craziness of life.

One of my favorite things to do with kids is to ask them to show me their favorite pose. They stop and think for a minute – and it forces them to show me their true personality. I typically get something either super silly or shy and bashful. BOTH are okay! That is what I want. I want to give you something that will remind you of your children at that age when you look back at them. Like sweet Collin here, showing me his favorite super man pose. Collin is 9 - hilarious, full of energy, and has one awesome imagination. 

While Kendall is preparing for her future in fame haha, aren’t those sunnies adorable? This spunky 5 year old is the best little model a photographer could dream of! Kendall was apparently really nervous to meet me, but once I whipped out the camera she was a natural.

And little Carter, curious and alert – one the cutest little guys I have every met. The last time I saw him he was sleeping in his car seat! He loves his mamma and daddy – and wrestling in the grass with his siblings.

I know when getting your photos taken it feels like you must constantly be looking at the camera, while wearing Pinterest worthy outfits, while your kids are acting like perfect angels. Let’s be real guys – this isn’t real life. I want you to come as you are. Today. Right now. Kids will be crazy and that is completely fine – because that is who they are! And that is exactly what I want to capture. I love the natural sibling love that happens in this family. These kids were absolutely adorable with each other! I can only hope that my kids are like this.

When looking at the Lion King picture with my sister, you can tell that we were either cracking up moments before or about to burst out laughing any second. I wish the lady at Sears just captured us laughing! But instead she waited until we calmed down and gave her the most doofus, tooth missing smiles. That’s okay though, because I still love that picture. Thank you Tamminga family for letting me spend the evening with you and your amazing family. Your kids are adorable, your parenting is inspiring, and I am beyond grateful that you are in my life.