My Top Summer Essential Oils



Hi friends! At the launch of this blog I told you all that I was planning on including other topics in my life that I enjoy. And anyone who knows me, knows that I am in love with essential oils. It's more like an obsession, actually. I started using them around five years ago when I was looking for something to help me sleep during the day to accommodate my third shift life. I started using Lavender before my naps and it knocked me out! After that, I was hooked. I started adding more oils into my life and now I am a straight up oil hoarder - and loving every minute of it. We use oils in our home for just about everything... health and wellness, cleaning, cooking, and even for miss Poppy girl (our french bulldog). There are so many great oils out there, but I wanted to focus this post on the oils I reach for most in the summer.  





As I mentioned above, Lavender was most definitely my gateway oil. I have always been turned off by Lavender scented things before I got into oils. It was so strong and perfume-y, it reminded me of those nasty glycerin soaps that Grandmas kept in a basket on their toilet tanks. But guys, this Lavender is amazing. The moment you smell it, you can literally feel your body relax and your mind calm. There is no other Lavender that compares to this one. I have become such a Lavender lover, I can smell lavender impostors right away! We go through bottles of Lavender so quickly - because we use it for so many different things! We use it in our laundry and it makes our clothes, sheets, and towels smell amazing. There is nothing like getting out of a hot shower and reaching for your towel that smells like a fresh lavender field! My sister hosted my bridal shower and washed the linen napkins with lavender so when you wiped your face, you got an amazing whiff of lavender! Even when I smell it today, it brings me back to that glorious day. All we do is put a few drops on these wool balls and put them in the dry cycle. When changing our sheets, I also sprinkle a few drops on our mattress while the sheets are in the wash! You will sleep better than ever! Lavender is also great for this skin. I put it on cuts, scrapes, and sunburn. It is so calming and eases that hot, stinging feeling of sunburn. Poppy has some intense allergies and can at times be very itchy during the summer months. We even put a small, diluted amount of Lavender oil on her itchy belly or in her paws if they are pink and irritated. (**Please do your research before using oils on your dog. Not every oil is good for them, and always dilute your oils before using them on your doggy!) 





I have to mention Frankincense right after Lavender, because I use them together a lot! Along with Lavender, Frankincense is also great for skin and healing sunburn - so I just put a few drops of each in the palm of my hand and spread it everywhere. I also love these two in the bath tub! While my bath is filling, I put 2-3 drops of each of these oils in along with one cup of Epsom salts. Frank (what I often refer to him as) is a great topical oil because it helps with cell rejuvenation. This is why it helps so much with scars, stretch marks, and anytime the skin is trying to heal. Frank is so highly loved and precious to me. I mean, it's in the Bible! This oil has an amazing chemical composition that allows it to cross the blood brain barrier. Without boring you too much (even though I love the nerdy science behind oils) this barrier is highly secure and selective in order to protect our central nervous system. This barrier only allows the passage of certain compounds that are crucial to brain function. Well, Frank's compound is one of them - that is why research has found that Frankincense is so helpful to many mood disorders (anxiety, depression). This oil is amazing and has so many uses, many people follow this rule of thumb: when in doubt, just use some Frank.





Terrashield is doTERRA's Outdoor blend - meaning, their bug spray blend. We use A LOT of this during the summer. They now even have it in a spray bottle! This stuff works like a charm. I have bottles of this everywhere just so we have it when we need it. I'm kind of weird about bug spray... so I want to have Terrashield accessible to me at all times. I know it's controversial whether or not some bug sprays harm our health, but guess what? This one doesn't harm our health and it works - so I'm going to use it. I even spray Poppy's collar before we go on a walk so the bugs stay off of her as well. 


I also make a special flea and tick blend for her every summer. The ticks are horrible this year so we have been very cautious when going on walks with her. We are lucky that she has short, coarse hair so it's pretty easy to check her over for ticks. However, she still gets a few sprays of her special blend before going outside. Make sure to concentrate on those warm, hidden areas where ticks like to go (belly, arm pits, behind ears, paws). Here is the recipe: 


20 drops TerraShield

20 drops Lemongrass

20 drops Eucalyptus

20 drops Cedarwood

10 drops Peppermint


Combine in a 4 oz spray bottle and top with distilled water. Shake up and spray.


Eucalyptus & Spearmint



This duo is so relaxing and fresh. It just reminds me of summer time. I use this combo a lot in the diffuser. I love how clean and fresh it makes the house smell. Eucalyptus is a great oil to reach for if you are having any type of respiratory issues. It clears up those sinuses in a second! I feel like there are two types of people in the world, Eucalyptus lovers and Eucalyptus haters. I'm a lover, obviously. If you don't absolutely love Eucalyptus, try pairing it with something to take it down a notch. Another great summer diffuser blend is Spearmint and Citrus Bliss. I love Citrus Bliss so much! It is basically a blend of every citrus oil. It smells like a Creamsicle! I forgot to take a pic of it, but it pairs well will Spearmint, Peppermint, and is even great by itself. Quick reminder for using citrus oils during the summer... citrus oils are very photosensitive - meaning they do not react well to light, specifically sunlight. So be careful not to lather yourself in any citrus oil before you are going to be out in the sun. 





Grapefruit is probably my favorite fruit in the whole wide world. So of course I am obsessed with the oil. Both my husband and I use this one a lot. When taking my vitamins, I fill a huge glass of water with a few drops of Grapefruit oil in it and chug the whole thing. It is so refreshing and tasty. I know taking oils internally is not for everyone, but I absolutely love it. I can actually feel a difference if I haven't drank my Grapefruit water. Oils work wonders in our bodies by pulling out the toxins and plastics out of our blood stream. Because of that, don't forget not to put oil in a plastic cup or water bottle. Always use glass or stainless steel when putting oils in your water. We also enjoy putting a drop or two in a cold beer! It brings a "meh" beer to an amazing beer! For those of you who are new to using essential oils, use the chart below to see how much oil you can use in a day. Grapefruit also pairs well with woodsy oils in the diffuser, like Cedarwood or Siberian Fir. 






Peppermint was another gateway oil for me : ) I think this was the second oil I got hooked on, after Lavender. It is so awakening, I love the immediate response my body has to it. Just a drop spread on the back of your neck and chest is so cooling during the summer. When everyone is outside sweating like a beast, I'm actually cool and comfortable with my Peppermint! I also keep a small bottle in the car for motion sickness. I hate long car rides and my stomach gets upset. So I usually just put a drop on my wrists and smell it and it does a great job at calming my belly. I also keep a bottle of Peppermint balls in my purse so I have them on me at all times for motion sickness and fresh breath. They are tiny little balls that pop in your mouth and have one drop of oil in them. I love them so much. Peppermint is also great for keeping the bugs away. If you have an ant or spider problem in your house, place a few drops of Peppermint on a cotton ball and put them around the house. I also put a few drops around my flower pots where the squirrels like to dig and tear up my flowers. Peppermint is just so versatile - every household needs it. 





Melaleuca, also known as Tea Tree oil, is a summer must. We use it the most in this roller bottle. It is great for the skin, so using it in this roller is so quick and easy. Melaleuca has many antiseptic properties, so it works wonders on any type of pimple or blemish. If you feel one of those deep, volcanic pimples coming... just a quick swipe of this baby will have it gone in no time. The doTERRA Touch line, comes in the roller bottle shown above, are already diluted with coconut oil. So they are great for your face, kids, and pets. Melaleuca also has anti-fungal properties. If you have any fungal looking stuff going on (possibly a nasty toe nail from that pedicure you got last week) put some Melaleuca on it and you will be happy. It pulls out the bacteria and can leave your skin dry, but that is what you want sometimes when you're trying to get rid of a zit or fungus. Melaleuca is also great for cold sores, cleaning, and getting rid of anything smelly like shoes, the kitchen garbage can, or a moldy washing machine. 





Arborvitae is one of my favorite oils! I know, you're probably like... all of them seem to be your favorite. This one is just different. If you like the woodsy, earthy ones - this one is for you. It is a great summer oil because it just reminds me of camping trips and being outside. Close your eyes and take a whiff and you will think you are in the middle of a forest somewhere. Arborvitae has natural wood preserving properties that keep wood from rotting and is often used in woodworking. The oldest arborvitae tree discovered was around 1,653 years old when it died. Because of the preservative properties of Arborvitae oil, even trees that have fallen hundreds of years ago still look as if they had fallen only yesterday. Keep your wood furniture looking fresh with this oil by spraying a few drops of Arborvitae, Wild Orange, and water on the surface and wipe it down with a washcloth. This oil is also beautiful in the diffuser. It is a great bedtime oil and pairs well with Lavender. 


I could go on and on and on about oils, but these are just a few that I wanted to shine some light on during the summer months. Essential oils have truly been so amazing to my life! I never thought there could be something so easy and natural to fix many of our everyday problems. If you are just getting started with oils and need some help or do not have any oils and want some, feel free to reach out to me! Thanks for reading!

Gabrielle Furlin