How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session


Hi friends! I want to share with you my best tips for preparing before your newborn session. You just brought you little peanut home, the house might be in shambles, but newborn photos are an absolute must! It is my job as the photographer to make this stress free, fun, and a happy experience. In doing so, I want to prep you with what to expect when booking a newborn session with me as well as what you can do beforehand to make the session the best that it can be.


Book Before the Baby Arrives

Labor is over, the baby is here, and your family is now adjusting to its new member. The last thing you are going to want to do is research photographers that match your style, contact several to check availability, and in turn be distracted from your precious new baby. Do this research while you are preparing for everything else baby related. This way you can get a session on the books, and it is already done and taken care of. I like to speak with my expecting mothers during their maternity sessions and book their newborn sessions during that time, if not before. I suggest booking your newborn session during their first week of life.


Keep it Simple

My style is very people driven. I aim to capture the true, natural beauty of you and your baby. With that being said, keep the outfits to a minimum. I know everyone in your family is going to get you an adorable outfit/baby hat/blanket that you want in your photos – but during this newborn stage, less is more! When the baby is dressed in a fluffy tutu and top hat while laying on a giant quilt your grandma made you, it just takes away from the absolute miracle and cuteness of your baby. Guess what my favorite newborn outfit is? Yup, naked baby with just a diaper! Or a simple, well fitted onesie. 


The Baby Calls the Shots

Literally guys, the baby calls the shots! My style of newborn photography is baby led posing. You will not see me put your newborn in obscure poses or positions – they pose beautifully by themselves with very little direction. Guess what I love about babies? They are cute no matter what! They don’t have to try to be cute and adorable. Again, my goal is to give you photographs filled with the natural exquisiteness of your newborn. The curly hairs on the back of their neck, the silky soft soles of their feet, the way they fit perfectly in their dad’s hands – just the way they are! Along with forced posing, you will not find me using many props (if any) during our newborn session. In my opinion, this takes away from the true cuteness of your little one. I’m not one to dress your baby up like a cowboy and put a lasso in his hand – but if that’s what you want, that’s totally cool, we just might not be a great fit. I love a cute headband and your favorite swaddle blanket.


Be Patient

Newborn sessions typically last one hour, but allow for more time. Taking photos can be exhausting for some people, so I try to honor that one hour time frame to keep it a happy, enjoyable experience. However, the baby is our main focus so we might have to take occasional breaks for feedings, diaper changes, etc. With that being said, try to schedule your session at a time that you know your baby is typically restful, preferably after feeding. I know babies are unpredictable and are constantly changing schedules, so just try your best. I like to do newborn sessions in the morning/early afternoon when the light in homes is usually the best. Speaking of feeding, I do not expect you to over feed your baby so they are milk drunk and sleepy. I know many photographers suggest this, but this is not safe and I am willing to take frequent breaks to cater to your newborn.



That about sums it up! This is an amazing, sacred time of your life, so soak it up! There are restless nights ahead, maybe a few blow outs… but this newborn stage only lasts for a little bit! Take advantage of this time and document it, because it will be gone in a flash!


Gabrielle Furlin