What to Wear for Your Photo Session


Hi friends! You know those times when you are standing in your closet, looking at all of your clothes, but you feel like you have nothing to wear? Yea, I’m familiar with it too. Then I start yelling to my husband, “oh my gosh, I have NO clothes!!!” As I cannot even separate the hangers or pull something out because there are so many : ) Well, in reality there are many options in there and I want to tell you how to pick the best option for your photo session.


First and foremost, I want you to feel like you. My mission is to capture those in front of my lens in their truest, most genuine form. So that means dressing like yourself! Don’t try to pull off some crazy outfit that you saw your favorite celebrity wearing. Besides, some of them need some serious help, in my opinion (exp: Kanye’s fashion line – didn’t know wearing torn up potato sacks was trending…news to me!) Wear something that makes you feel the best you! Maybe that is your coziest sweater that you’ve had for years, or a simple black t-shirt and jeans because you like that minimalist style. Make sure you are comfortable, feel good about yourself in your outfit, and that it is entirely you!

kenosha wisconsin maternity photographer what to wear

Try to Coordinate - Not Match

Alright friends, remember the days everyone in the family would bust out their red turtle neck and khakis for the Christmas card picture? I am so happy those days are gone. Photos are so much more pleasing to the eye when everyone is dressed differently. It adds dimension and character to each person. If you want to pick a few colors to coordinate with everyone, that is perfectly fine. I would just suggest that no one is wearing the exact some color/shade as someone else. Pick a palette of 3-4 colors. Think in terms of tones: blue tones, earth tones, neutrals, pastels, etc. Do you like bright and airy colors or dark and moody ones? Here are some examples below of color coordination.

Outfit 4.jpg
Outfit 5a.jpg

Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

I know many people who would vote against wearing patterns or prints in photos, but I would suggest otherwise. Some patterns are beautiful and bring such a lovely statement to your photos. Check out this mama in her floral print maxi dress! First of all, I love floral print! But see how the navy background in her dress is coordinating and not clashing with her sons’ outfit? Good job Tricia! I would also suggest limiting one person in the group to wear a pattern. Obviously, you know I am going to recommend the mama because I am always striving to make the moms out there feel beautiful, unique, and basically like a goddess.


Add Some Texture

One of my favorite styling tips is adding texture! Go ahead and grab the lace, corduroy, denim, and knits. Wearing something with texture that doesn’t just lay flat on your body creates a special feel to the photo. It allows the viewer to almost feel the cozy, soft sweater in your fall family pictures. When you look back at you photo, you will remember the crisp fall day it was taken on and the happy memory that was made. I have a photo from my wedding day right after we walked down the isle and my veil is blowing in the wind and my husband’s hand is behind my neck. Whenever I look at it I remember that exact feeling of pure joy and happiness…and his hand bringing my cold neck some warmth.

kenosha wisconsin maternity photographer what to wear

Layer it UP

Add a cardigan, vest, or flowy kimono! Layering can make a huge difference in tying in everyone’s colors. If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start – begin with the mama. She get’s first pick (can you tell I favor the moms?) and everyone can coordinate off her. Don’t be afraid to add a light sweater or even a hat to your outfit. You don’t have to wear it in every single photo! This way you have a variety in your gallery and a few different looks built in one outfit.

kenosha wisconsin photographer what to wear

Alright friends, I could go on for pages and pages about styling (I love clothes) but I want to remind you that your outfit choice has very little to do with the magic of your photo shoot. The main component that my style will focus on is the connection and love you have with your family. Do not worry, obsess, or overthink your outfit choice. You don’t have to have Pinterest worthy clothes that coordinate absolutely perfectly. All you have to do is show up and be yourself. If you forget all my tips and tricks, just remember this: keep it you, keep it comfortable, and keep it simple. Leave the rest up to me!

Gabrielle Furlin