Orvold Baby #2

My sweet Hopey and her husband, Ben, are getting ready to welcome home their second child! It has been so amazing to see my bestie transform into the amazing mamma she is today. I met Hope at work and I knew right away we were going to friends, probably best friends. She downed an entire bag of Rolo’s during report and I knew it then…she was good people. We’ve been through it all together guys – great times, not so great times, career changes, moving, family drama, weddings... the list goes on. So whenever I have the opportunity to photograph this family, it is so much more than me coming over with my camera and getting a few shots. It is truly a blessing to be a part of my best friend’s life as she is growing (literally and figuratively), changing, and preparing to welcome home another member of their family.


We scheduled this session and got it on the calendar, then decided to turn it into a spa weekend…which then turned into a sleepover : )  I am so happy we did this! I cruised over to Hope and Ben’s on a Friday night and we had tacos for dinner, which is always a good idea. I also couldn’t stop laughing at adorable Ezra attempting to eat his taco! He would lift it up, everything would fall out, and then he would take the worlds smallest bite out of the tortilla. It was priceless. I’m working on trying to convince the Orvolds to get a dog, because if you’re going to serve a taco to a two year old… you need a dog. But anyways, Ben’s mom, brother, and sister in law stopped by and we watched some TV and had a wonderful time. Julie, Ben’s mom, makes the best popcorn in the world. I basically ate the entire bowl while rubbing Hope’s belly and waiting to feel a kick!


The next day came and we got ready to take some photos. Hope and I decided to be complete girls and emptied her closet to have her try on every single option. After several outfit changes, we decided on a classic white, cotton button up and jeans. I loved how this material laid over her belly and it is just so classic Hope. We put Ben in one of his favorite tees and jeans and Ezra in dark gray corduroys and an orange thermal. The sun was shining beautifully in the nursery, so we started there. I love how Ezra climbed up on his mom and would rest his head on Hope’s chest or pull up her shirt to look at her belly! He is seriously adorable and it is so fun for me to see his personality develop.



We then ventured outside to a nearby forest preserve and took advantage of the morning light. I love taking outdoor photos! Something about being in mother nature makes everything better. The sun was shining so beautifully on Hope’s hair (nice bangs, girl) and I was loving every minute of it. Taking photos of this girl is close to effortless. You can see in the photos, she is just so comfortable with herself. Holding her baby and just being so content in this moment of time. It is beautiful to witness and an honor to capture such a special time in my bestie’s life.


After our photo session was completed, we went to breakfast at the cutest place called Quarry Coffee. Hope and I absolutely love Daily Dose in Kenosha and she said this place comes in a close second – I would agree. They had amazing breakfast sandwiches and served their lattes in mugs the size of your head. After breakfast we headed to the spa for our massages. We both got a 90 minute deep tissue and ended up walking out of the place like limp noodles. It was amazing to say the least.


It was such an amazing visit, but every visit is amazing with this girl. You know those people that just get you? Well that’s Hope. Find those people in your life and hold them close. It doesn’t matter how much distance there is between us – it makes every visit even more fun. Hope is due to deliver in the beginning of June and I cannot wait to meet their sweet little nugget.